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About us

TAXA CONSULTING was founded in 2002 by Ing. Lenka Hájková.

The company provides comprehensive services in the areas of tax and legal advisory and bookkeeping for companies and individuals.

Over the course of its existence, the company has gained an excellent reputation in particular in solving complicated cases of international taxation.


Ing. Lenka Hájková


— tax advisor, reg. no. 1494,
member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic since 1995

Lenka has been active in the field of tax advisory services since 1995, and in recent years has also been involved in publishing activities with Verlag Dashöfer (Tax-Deductible ExpensesTax-Deductible Costs).

In addition to her work as a tax advisor, she is also active as comptroller for several endowment funds and as a liquidator.

She is the company’s expert supervisor for tax issues.


Ing. Veronika Kuchařová


— tax advisor, reg. no. 1698,
member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic since 1995.

Veronika has been active in the field of taxation since 1995, and has been the company’s income tax and value added tax specialist since 2006.

She is the company’s expert supervisor for accounting and payroll matters.


Andrea Ciroková

Andrea joined the company in 2008 as an accounting assistant.

Since 2010, she has held the position of independent accountant. She works in the areas of accounting and tax-related recordkeeping, as well as in payroll and human resources.

Her specialty is travel expenses.


Martina Stará

Martina joined the company in 2011 as an independent accountant.

She helps to the clients in the areas of accounting and administrative-organizational matters.


We offer expert tax advisory services, comprehensive bookkeeping for all types of organizations including non-profits, services in the areas of payroll and human resources, and building management for cooperatives and condominium associations, as well as related services upon agreement with the client. Our services are supervised by Ing. Lenka Hájková, registered tax advisor no. 1494.

Clients can choose from our broad range of services, from advisory in individual matters all the way to comprehensive financial support.

Our long-term clients include in particular medium-sized domestic architectural and design firms, followed by healthcare facilities and companies active in the film and music industry. We also work with companies that are part of international holding groups, whom we help in transforming their final accounts to be IFRS-compliant. For foreign clients, both companies and individuals, we offer legal and financial service when setting up and subsequently doing business in the Czech Republic.

We offer advisory services in the areas of taxes and similar payments, as well as in matters directly related to taxes. We provide our long-term clients with ongoing advisory services in particular in case of changes in tax laws, in the field of social security and health insurance regulations, and for selected areas of private law.

We can also provide oversight of bookkeeping or tax-related recordkeeping to ensure that the accounting of your company’s accounting entities is complete, correct and properly documented.

We specialize in particular on the following fields – copyright law, real estate, international taxation, and the liquidation and transformation of corporations or cooperatives.
We prepare tax returns and other reports related to direct (e.g. personal income tax, company income tax, highway tax, real estate tax, real estate acquisition tax) as well as indirect taxes (value added tax).
If the client so requires, the deadline for filing an income tax return (and for paying the tax) can be postponed for three months.
We can provide a tax advisor to represent our clients in front of the relevant tax authority during any stage and for any form of tax hearing – tax audit, on-site investigation, rectification of dubieties, filing of explanation.
In addition to supervising bookkeeping, we provide comprehensive accounting services including the preparation of final accounts. Accounting is performed in such a manner so that the client has an ongoing overview of the state of his financial management. We also offer the possibility of convenient bookkeeping via remote access. For non-accounting entities, we perform tax-related recordkeeping and any other recordkeeping required by tax regulations.
We offer comprehensive payroll services including the preparation of employment contracts and other work agreements. We ensure ongoing contact with the relevant institutions – the tax authority, social security administration, health insurance companies, etc. Upon employee request, we can issue all confirmations related to their employment. We also perform their annual tax settlement and can be of help if they need to file a tax return.
For building owners, we offer administrative services related to building management – i.e., calculation of rent, payments to the maintenance fund, utilities payments and their settlement at the end of the calendar year. We also offer bookkeeping services for condominium associations, cooperatives, and other legal entities, as well as accounting or other recordkeeping for individual clients.
Upon agreement with the client, we can also provide other related services such as help in processing loan applications, leasing, reporting and filing with public registers, plus administrative services, etc.

Price list

I. Tax advisory

— tax advisory   CZK 2,000  / hour

— consultancy services in the areas of taxes, fees, and other matters directly related to taxes
— client representation by tax advisor at tax hearings

II. Tax returns

— income tax

Price depends on amount of data to be processed, and ranges from CZK 3,000 (for natural persons) to CZK 50,000 (for legal entities)

— value added tax   CZK 1,000
— highway tax   CZK 300  / vehicle
— real estate tax   CZK 300  / piece of real estate
— real estate acquisition tax   CZK 300  / piece of real estate / taxpayer

For systematic bookkeeping, the preparation of all tax returns is included in the price for bookkeeping or tax-related recordkeeping.

III. Bookkeeping

— the price is determined with a view towards the client’s legal status, the form
of recordkeeping (accounting, tax-related recordkeeping, other), and the volume of accounting documents to be processed

IV. Payroll and human resources

— payroll and human
resources service
  CZK 350  / employee / month

V. Building management

— building management   CZK 200  / month / unit


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  •       TAXA CONSULTING, s.r.o.
  •       IČ 26708523, DIČ CZ26708523
  • Office:
          Mikuleckého 1314/14
    140 00 Praha 4 — Braník
  • Telephone:
    +420 257 310 494
    +420 257 310 496
  • Registered address::
          Keramická 287/3
    170 00 Praha 7 — Bubeneč
  • E-mail:
  • Company registered at Commercial Register at Municipal Court in Prague, section C, number 188378

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